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Who has never dreamed of having a completely automatic station controlled only by the tuning of the transceiver or by a click on the spot of the DX cluster in order to operate in the best way thinking only of the QSO? Having the certainty that the appropriate antenna is immediately selected, the best matching set, the correct driving power adjusted and the operating parameters selected for the best efficiency and linearity. This result has always been the subject of the design of Expert linear amplifiers which, despite their small size and weight, provide power and performance never simultaneously present in any other amplifier in the world.

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Established reliable products: 1.3K-FA, 1.5K-FA and 2K-FA amplifiers Fully Automatic Solid State Power Amplifiers Follows transceiver to the kHz. Built-in switching power supplies for better stability 1.3K-FA & 1.5K-FA can provide full power at 240 VAC or 120 VAC, just change AC plug. Built-in automatic antenna tuner Hundreds in use remotely Many superior operating qualities And ..... It's ALL in ONE Box


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